Saturday, November 1, 2008


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I was able to give Ohio & Florida to McCain and still allow Barack to win. I also gave McCain Connecticut since they have Lieberman, we don't want them on our side. Rich and I were at dinner last night and heard that there are emails going around the minority community saying that Democrats are supposed to vote on Wednesday instead because the polls would not have the capacity. Hopefully people aren't that stupid, but then again they did vote for Bush twice. Also, Obama's infomercial made me cry. :( GOBAMA!


ET said...

What's wrong with Uncle Joe. He is still as left leaning as they come on social issues. And as a member of the minority population living in a heavily "ethnic" area in an important battleground state, I have seen no evidence nor heard of such tactics here. Granted I am sure some racist element out there is doing something, this is not widespread nor is it an approved GOP tactic.

Dave said...

I don't get these people that Lieberman becoming a Republican will make any difference in this world. He'll still vote the same as he ever did . . . that is to say with the Democrats on every issue except war related once. Don't get me wrong, Joe's dead to me (along with the Godfather III and a few other people/things) due to his support of the opposing party's candidate in such a public way, but he's still in the Democrats' corner on most issues. As for shenanigans, I'm sure they're out there, but I'd be shocked if it makes much of a difference.